Sydney Escorts: romantic sites lead to remarkable sex

Sydney Escorts

Romantic Sydney—more than the Opera House and a Harbor Cruise. For those clients who want to set the mood for remarkable sex by first seeing a bit of Sydney with one of our ladies, here are some suggestions that can spark a little romance and a lot of fireworks.

Escorts in Sydney love the Royal Botanic Gardens

Within walking distance of the Sydney Opera house, the natural beauty of the gardens is breathtaking. Covering over 75 acres, you can stroll for hours or take advantage of the tram that covers much of the gardens.
Views of the harbor stunning, and there are plenty of shade trees and stretches of green lawn inviting you to spread your picnic blanket, hold hands and share a bottle of wine.
If you’re not interested in picnicking, consider brunching at the Botanic Gardens Restaurant. What could be more romantic than sharing a meal on a gorgeous veranda taking in the surrounding tropical plantings and views of the harbor? More casual fare is offered at the Botanic Garden Café which overlooks a charming duck pond.

Saturday at Paddington Markets with your escort

Begun in the early 1970s, Paddington Markets is home to artisan made goods of all types. The premise of the market was to encourage local craftspeople. A non-profit organization Paddington Markets also donates a portion of their sales to feed and aid the homeless. This is shopping you can feel good about.
Strolling hand in hand, there are dozens of charming shops selling handcrafted items found nowhere else. From artisanal cheeses and breads to candles, jewelry, original fashions and accessories, the offerings of the Paddington Markets are myriad. The area is home to art galleries, cafes, coffee houses and pubs as well.
What a wonderful place to spend a Saturday–and perhaps invest in a little getting-to-know-you time that will pay off big later.

Sexy escort in Sydney

Visiting the Green Fairy with Sydney escorts

Scandalous, outlawed in much of Europe and the United States by 1915, Absinthe, an herbal liquor has a naughty reputation. Accused of being hallucinogenic, this beautiful green beverage was immensely popular in Paris in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and enjoyed by Hemingway, Van Gogh and Oscar Wilde.
Special equipment is required for the proper drinking of Absinthe. Slotted silver spoons designed to hold the sugar cube over a distinctive absinthe glass. Beautifully designed fonts to dispense the ice-cold water through the sugar. Meet the Green Fairy.
A visit to Sydney’s Absinthe Salon will initiate you into a world long gone. Once inside, you’ll be introduced to the ritual and romance that is Absinthe. Period furnishings and knowledgeable staff will walk you through the Salon’s many Absinthe offerings and the elaborate preparations. (Due to limited seating, reservations are requested.)
Decades of modernity will vanish as you and your love fly with the Green Fairy in this intimate and beautiful setting. Did I mention that Absinthe is believed to be an aphrodisiac as well?

Of course, if you are still unsure about what to do, contact us and we or one of best escorts in Sydney will be glad to recommend other options for seeing our sexy city.

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